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Understanding commercial property utilization and vacant corporate lease costs is critical to optimizing your leased space and making it work smarter for your enterprise.

Uncovering key metrics of how you occupy your commercial space

RefineRE’s Workplace Analytics software module uncovers the key utilization metrics you need to help ensure cost-efficient use of every square foot of your commercial property workspace. Using data such as employee and desk counts, Workplace Analytics pinpoints both under- and over-utilized space and identifies cost savings by calculating vacant rent across your entire portfolio. Integrate 3rd party solutions like Zoom, Slack, badge swipe, and sensor data for a more detailed and thorough picture of how your people are utilizing your space.

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Benefits of RefineRE’s Workplace Analytics Module

Get actionable and real-time commercial real estate data to help you make strategic, data-driven workspace investments and decisions.

  • Analyze and optimize space efficiency by aligning human capital and workplace strategies
  • Evaluate commute patterns
  • Layer in labor markets and workplace trends
  • Enable real-time wi-fi utilization to determine space usage
  • Analyze occupancy and vacancy
  • Track density and employee mobility over time to ensure a safe return to work
  • Ensure an efficient real estate footprint
  • Understand when and how employees, teams and overall workforce utilize your space and interact with one another
  •  Integrate your workplace analytics with your CRE metrics for full-picture decision making

Features of RefineRE’s Workplace Analytics Module

Workplace Analytics takes into account every key metric you need to identify areas where you can best optimize your space with features such as:

Wi-Fi Utilization attaches to wi-fi routers throughout your buildings to report on how much/where/when space is actually being used and identify trends.

Commute Patterns uses employee data (home address) to quantify potential commutes if clients are considering location changes.

Occupancy and Vacancy summarizes space utilization data with your lease data (focuses on vacant lease costs and cost per FTE).

Labor Markets break down all markets in the U.S. based on employment, population, growth, and income. Allows you to identify potential markets that fit a particular labor and cost requirement.

Workplace Trends takes historical data from past customer uploads and trends it over time with a focus on workplace data.

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