Data Foundations

Organized Data for Better Commercial Real Estate Portfolio Decisions

Make defendable short- and long-term decisions about your CRE portfolio. RefineRE’s easy-to-navigate dashboard provides corporate portfolio managers the ability to view and analyze key commercial real estate data metrics.

The data you see is data you can trust.

As the core of the RefineRE commercial real estate platform, our Data Foundations module brings it all together by joining data from multiple disparate business systems into a single location, ensuring critical transparency across your entire organization and corporate portfolio. This powerful solution standardizes, cleanses, and validates the CRE data during upload and implementation so you know the data you see is data you can trust.

Data Foundations
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Benefits of Data Foundations

Data Foundations takes the heavy lifting of onboarding and continued portfolio maintenance off your plate, so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Gain confidence in data driven CRE decisions with improved commercial real estate analysis
  • Focus on improving your data quality score over time so that RefineRE insights become more valuable
  • Develop and maintain a standardized and best-in-class CRE data management hub and strategy
  • Get expert guidance and support from a RefineRE Professional Services Analyst who will guide you through every step of onboarding and beyond

RefineRE’s Data Foundations Core Features

Create a key data repository from multiple disparate CRE data sources

Enrich with third-party unbiased commercial market data

Provide portfolio data standardization

Track who uploaded data, when it was received, and what system it came from

View your complete CRE dataset after data cleaning, blending, and processing

Filter and select different CRE data points such as lease expiration date and export to a spreadsheet

Track details and maintain the most up-to-date version of your portfolio

Focus on KPIs, detect outliers and measure how complete your dataset is with the Data Diagnostics tool

Generate data summaries to understand what is missing

Keep your data in a proper database for better quality control, historical analysis, and easy cross-department/team sharing

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