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Commercial real estate industry experts with decades of experience.

RefineRE’s commercial real estate software offers comprehensive data and analytics solution to help you make complex decisions faster.

RefineRE is a first-of-its-kind CRE data, analytics, and benchmarking software. Combine your data with our market intelligence for actionable information and empower your portfolio managers to drive cost-savings and portfolio optimization.

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Ryan Turner

Hello and thank you for taking interest in our platform.

The RefineRE platform aligns with what we’ve learned are values important to corporate real estate occupiers —supporting your technology investment and empowering digital transformation, for faster and more precise decision making. We’ve outlined how our product and our team endeavors to enhance and support this growing need in the corporate real estate industry.

We recognize that no two organizations use or view real estate the same way, so we’ve outlined key objectives, a typical timetable, cost structure, and a framework for achieving a successful implementation of RefineRE.

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