See the Big Picture

Get a single, supervisory view and wider context of your entire commercial real estate portfolio at your fingertips by consolidating and visualizing critical CRE data points from disparate business systems.

Bring together the CRE data you rely on every day

The RefineRE Portfolio Manager brings together the standard real estate portfolio data you rely on every day, tracking and analyzing your most critical data points including transactions, portfolio trends and key dates.

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Benefits of RefineRE’s Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager gives you the 30,000-foot view you need to do more portfolio-wide planning. Instead of spending time gathering data from different departments and business systems, you can use a single commercial real estate portfolio management software.

  • Get a big picture view of your entire portfolio
  • Stay ahead of portfolio trends
  • Manage all transaction data from a single view
  • Never miss a critical lease date
  • Quickly and easily share views and analytics with team members
  • Visualize transaction management info by year + status
  • Track historical portfolio KPIs over time as the customer uploads new data

RefineRE’s Portfolio Manager Features

Instead of deciphering data from cluttered spreadsheets and disparate business systems, you’ll be able to see the data combined —giving you better filtering and more actionable  information.

Track key initiatives and visualize progress made on specific objectives

Keep track of all real estate data KPIs

Easily manage the dynamic dashboard environment, emphasizing lease expirations, obligations, and other key metrics that help answer questions in seconds

Export to CSV, PDF, or Microsoft Office for presentations and additional analysis

Access a dynamic sand-box environment for quick and straight-forward analysis and portfolio exploration

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