The RefineRE Business Intelligence Suite

Solutions for the Head of Real Estate

RefineRE empowers real estate leaders to make data-driven decisions based on the metrics and KPIs that matter to your organization.

Boost your real estate strategy with data-driven decisions

We know that the responsibility of managing a global or national portfolio is complicated enough, not to mention the leadership of a team and increasing pressure from the C-Suite to reduce budget while maintaining culture and productivity.

RefineRE can help Heads of Real Estate tackle some of their most pressing challenges:

  • Lack of visibility into entire portfolio
  • No clear understanding of how workspace is being used
  • Never truly knowing if you’re paying over or under market

How RefineRE Helps the Head of Real Estate

RefineRE’s Portfolio Module allows the Director of Real Estate or Head of Real Estate to enjoy a supervisory view and wider context of their real estate portfolio at their fingertips. By consolidating the data points that are critical from disparate business systems, they can achieve a single source of truth in their data.

  • Get a big picture view of your entire portfolio
  • Understand your Total Cost of Occupancy
  • Stay ahead of portfolio trends
  • Manage all transaction data from a single view
  • Never miss a critical lease date
  • Quickly and easily share views and analytics with team members
  • Visualize transaction management info by year and status
  • Track historical portfolio KPIs over time as the customer uploads new data

Answer your most pressing questions


What’s our Total Cost of Occupancy?

Can we save money on any upcoming lease expirations?

What’s our demand for space?

What should we be paying in each market?

 Should we transition to flexible space?



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Make defendable short- and long-term decisions about your CRE portfolio. RefineRE’s easy-to-navigate dashboard provides corporate portfolio managers the ability to view and analyze key commercial real estate data metrics.

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How do you measure up to other peer corporate occupiers or your other corporate locations around the world? As the foundation of the RefineRE Business Intelligence Suite, BenchCore empowers you to find out by giving your data context.

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RefineRE Market Intelligence helps to identify commercial real estate leases that are priced either over or under market while calculating potential risk and cost savings. Gain visibility into detailed corporate lease comparisons and access general market data reporting tools to stay up to date on performance trends across your CRE portfolio.

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Demonstrate leadership in corporate environmental stewardship and fuel sustainable growth for your organization with RefineRE ESG. This advanced commercial real estate data module analyzes and benchmarks carbon footprint and emissions data by using the electrical spend by lease from your dataset.

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Would your organization benefit from transitioning to a flex workspace? Find out with RefineRE FLEX. With FLEX, you’ll be able to identify which commercial leases could benefit most from transitioning to flex space and examine details of individual flex space options nearby.

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Understanding commercial property utilization and vacant corporate lease costs is critical to optimizing your leased space and making it work smarter for your enterprise.

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