Webinar on Demand: Back to Anywhere


Webinar on Demand: Back to Anywhere

This isn’t your classic in-office vs. remote debate.

Corporate real estate and workplace experts weigh in on the real future of remote work. Join panelists Shannon McLendon (The Motley Fool), Eric Nelson (LiveRamp), Ben Wright (SquareFoot), and Ryan Turner (RefineRE).

As we move forward following the official “corporate declaration” on the workplace and put decisions into play, unanswered questions and missing pieces of the puzzle remain. Join us to hear leaders in corporate real estate, workplace, and technology weigh in on the future of remote work, including:

  • Keeping company culture intact and employee satisfaction positive
  • Employing digital transformation solutions to inform strategy with data and analytics
  • Leveraging this transitional period to optimize and improve real estate portfolio position
  • Optimizing budget along the way and finding answers to the questions Finance is asking

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