Making an Impact: ESG Benchmarking for Corporate Real Estate


Making an Impact: ESG Benchmarking for Corporate Real Estate

ENVIRONMENTAL CRITERIA quantify the contribution a company makes to society’s environmental health (climate change, GHGs, waste management, and energy efficiency).

SOCIAL CRITERIA help ensure the protection of human rights (supply chain labor standards, illegal child labor, workplace health, and safety regulations).

GOVERNANCE CRITERIA establish corporate principles that define rights, responsibilities, and expectations among the company’s stakeholders.

Amongst everything 2020 had in store for us, it was also marked by the ongoing urgent global climate crisis. In the commercial real estate industry, investors recognize that there is an elevated correlation between high-performance buildings and superior operational performance, lower cost of capital, positive influence on stock prices, and reputation. However, the majority of existing buildings require major efficiency retrofits to reach this level of high-performance.

The real estate sector is responsible for more than 40% of the world’s carbon emissions and other environmental impacts including waste production, pollution, use of water, and consumption of other natural resources.

Despite substantial progress in the industry with the growth of green building technologies, the real estate sector lags behind other industries in responding to environmental challenges. How can BenchCore and RefineRE help with this problem?

Our members are constantly asking how their peers are reacting to changes in the industry. Our team specializes in finding and reporting answers when it comes to questions around efficiency metrics including accounting, facilities, COVID procedures, maintenance, build-out costs, and now ESG tracking.

The real estate industry lacks a uniform set of cost/utilization benchmarks for utilities. By collecting client data on metrics like Electricity, Gas & Oil, and Water & Sewer, we aim to demonstrate their comprehensive utilization rate. Benchmarking this utilization rate against their cohort can provide our clients with comparative insight regarding their carbon footprint, potential savings, and overall ESG score. Clients can also utilize their ESG score to determine long-term sustainability and business viability plans.

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