Corteva Member Spotlight


Corteva Member Spotlight

How Dan Guthrie utilizes BenchCore to find actionable insights and identify cost-savings opportunities.

Wilmington-based Agriscience company, Corteva, made its formal separation from DowDuPont, marking its official entrance into the global market as an independent public company in June of last year. Since then, Strategic Planning Manager Dan Guthrie, a DuPont veteran, with the help of his team has been hard at work on the data aggregation and standardization after the spinoff.

Corteva’s purpose to “enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come” is one of the many reasons Guthrie says he has dedicated his career to the company.

In 1987, Dan was hired by DuPont as a Research Associate and attended night school at Widener University to get his MBA. As a victim of his success, Dan fell into a finance managerial role due to his expertise in finance as well as operations. Like many other members we have at BenchCore, Dan has an extraordinary ability to coordinate between multiple teams and speak the language of operations, finance, and real estate professionals alike, resulting in the benefit of the company.

“Being able to pull a report at a moment’s notice to see how we perform in markets by comparison to our peers is game-changing; you can’t argue with numbers.”

Using BenchCore, Dan was able to quickly use the platform to his company’s benefit to forecast and consult on facilities and real estate budgeting, cost, pricing, and service strategy. Throughout his career, Dan has developed cost reduction and production processes to meet the increase in demand for certain markets. As a strategic planning manager, Dan said, “the use of BenchCore reporting is crucial during my meetings with senior leadership.

Being able to pull a report at a moment’s notice to see how we perform in markets by comparison to our peers is game-changing; you can’t argue with numbers.” After the DowDuPont merger and the subsequent spinoff of Dow, DuPont, and Corteva, Dan was given the option to choose which company he wanted to work for. He chose Corteva because it allowed him to help reinvent the foundation of facilities and real estate functions at a new company after learning from the multiple mergers he had been a part of during his time at DuPont. Since making the transition to Corteva, not only has Dan brought his gift of strategic planning with him, he and his team have also updated their data to the BenchCore platform allowing them to find actionable insights as well as cost- saving opportunities.

When asked what’s next for Corteva in light of the current COVID-19 crisis, Dan explained it’s not if but when for the move back to the office. “There has been a shift in attitude for how much office space is needed. We are taking a deeper look at how our occupancy percentage compares to actual utilization.” Dan explained that a long-term goal of reducing their real estate footprint may be attainable due to this global shift.

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